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Gloucestershire Entertainments: Live concerts, gigs, comedians, bands, shows, events and diGloucestershire eventsscos around the GL area of South Gloucestershire and south Bristol.

Venues in South Gloucestershire include the ‘Hamfeilds Leisure Club’ (X Berkeley Power Station Club), Berkeley Castle, show fields, and local pubs, event venues and other social clubs in the GL area.

Acts and events include comedians such as Jethro and show bands like the Motown/Northern Soul classic the ‘Edwin Starr Band’ / Lorraine Silver, and Showaddywaddy, the Three Degrees, HOT Chocolate, The Real Thing, ABC, the Human League, SELECTER feat. Pauline Black, The Kast off Kinks (Former members) and many, many more.

If you have a event in mind, be it a wedding, cooperate event, party or other, and need us to set-up the acts, venue and take care of all angles of the marketing/promotion then send us an email.

We offer a ‘NO tribute act’ guarantee.

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Earlier Gloucestershire events

APRIL 2017



Start off your Easter long weekend with a night of laughter, giggles and dance by the epic comedian Jethro, his friends and music to finish off the night.Gloucestershire, Entertainments

Jethro, the comedian, is a well know Devon comedian. Originally a ‘timber man’ from Lavant Tin Mine, Jethro will be performing armed with nothing more than a microphone, a stand and a small table with his favorite drink to hand.

As he paces the stage from side to side, you’ll hear hilarious antics of rural comedy delivered to you in a warm, Cornish accent. Selling over 4 million stand-up comedy DVD’s to date, isn’t it about time you came and experienced some serious nonsensical twaddle!

Act: Jethro, Friends & Music
Venue location: Hamfields Leisure (Berkeley Power Station Club)
Gig Date: Thursday 13th April, 2017
Times: 6pm until 12.30am
Ticket price: £20.00
Town/Village: Berkeley, GL13
VIP Tickets Available: 300 only
Seating: Theater type row seats, booths and standing tables
Show Schedule And Times:
** Doors open at 6pm and the show starts 7.30pm sharp (Meaning everyone must be seated and the bar/hall door closed)
** At 8.40pm there will be a 25 minute interval (For toilet, buying drinks, having a cigarette & food)
** Then at 9.05pm the show commences to 9.45pm ish – The sets are: 70mins and 40mins ish
** Music from 10pm to 12.30am
* Please be advised we ask all guests to be at the club at 6pm / 6.30pm so you can have a few drinks or eat and then be seated before the show starts at 7.30pm.
* During the show sets we ask all guest to kindly refrain from going to the bar to buy drinks (Going to the toilet OK). This is a request from Jethro. We suggest that you buy a few drinks before you sit down, during the interval and after the show.
* Please also ensure that all mobile phones are turned off and that no recording of any sort or description and for any purpose shall be made of any part of the Jethro performance.
* Interval drinks can be per-ordered before the show starts.
MAY, 2017

The Sharpness/Berkeley Strongest Man & Woman

Charity Event

Sharpness and Berkeley strongest man and woman is gearing up again for theBerkeley, Gloucestershire Events next event, We invite you to join us on the day and raise money for the local charities and a main charity we will name in a couple months.

Please follow the below Facebook page/event link and invite your friends and family to the page and spread the word so we can raise some good money.

Event included: FREE entry – BBQ – Local stalls – Raffle – Bar open all day – Funfair rides and disco at night to finish off.

Event: Sharpness & Berkeley Strongest Man & Woman
Venue location: Hamfields Leisure (Berkeley Power Station Club)
Event Time/Date: Sunday May 28th10.30am – 11.55pm
Ticket price: FREE
Town/Village: Berkeley, Gloucestershire, GL13
Tickets Available: No tickets just turn up
Event Face book page:


Rare footage of the comedian Jethro. Not the best quality video but the funniest clip of blunders ever. If you don’t giggle then your not human!

Jethro, the comedian, will be performing at the ‘Power Station Club’ in Berkeley, South Gloucestershire in April 2017, with further dates throughout the year and in 2018.

The Edwin Starr Band Live:


Berkeley, Gloucestershire Map



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