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We offer Gloucestershire property, homes & real estate for sale and rent souring for around the GL13, GL12 and GL13 postcodes of South Gloucestershire.

We also Gloucestershire entertainments / events, & cheap property and retirement package deals for British people to retire on Phuket, Thailand.

Gloucestershire Property

South Gloucestershire Property

If you are searching to buy a South Gloucestershire property, be it a Manson, flat, Caravan, land or house, and you want a better price then simply contact us and we will find the correct location, the specs you require, and then beat any prices that you have been offered, or have seen on any website. It’s that simple.

To start your search, and the process, simply go to: Gloucestershire Property Search


Gloucestershire Entertainments And Events

Gloucestershire Entertainments offers Live concerts, gigs, comedians, bands, shows, events and discos around the GL area of South Gloucestershire.

If you have a event in mind, be it a wedding, party or other, and need us to set-up the acts, venue and take care of all angles of the marketing/promotion then send us an email.

See: Gloucestershire Entertainments


Want To Retire, Or Buy Cheap Property On Phuket?

Buy secure and FREEHOLD (In your name) property for under: 1,600,000THB
( Average currency exchange of: £35,534 )

When you are going to retire to Phuket and looking to buy a property then we suggest that you look at the North West coast around the Kamala, Surin beach, Laguna / Bangtao or Layan beach areas where you will meet more like-minded people, be near a beach, is relatively unspoiled and easier to ride your bike (As most expats do) / drive your car to get from A to B quickly, unlike Southern Phuket where it is congested and hard to drive anywhere.

A small basic studio/one bedroom condo/flat, which is FREEHOLD and in your name, on the west coast of Phuket will cost you from around 1.7 million THB ( Which is under £40,000GBP, $50,000 or 46,000,000 EURO ), and this is around the cheapest you will find. As far as investments go you could find investments on Phuket that are yielding you circa 6 percent or more. 6 percent yield on 1.5 million is 90,000 pa. Or 7500 per month.

For full details please visit our sister, Retirement plans Phuket

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Gloucestershire Entertainments covers all the the South Gloucestershire area of the UK.

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